Monday, July 2, 2012

New trick, and a souvenir!

Nadia finally learned "paw"/shake today! It took a long time for her for some reason.
Every time I balled my fist with a treat she'd get frustrated and plop down and stare at me sadly, or just keep nosing it. It took a while but I used some hotdog, and I balled my fist and kept encouraging her for several minutes until she finally pawed at it. I guess mom needed to be more patient last time!

In other news, she lost a tooth this morning while playing tug-of-war, so I finally have one I can keep! I was worried she'd swallow them all!


  1. Ah congrats on finding a tooth! I stepped on one of Russ' and drove it into my heel!

    I teach "shake" with the command "How do you meet people" Folks love it when you ask them that and they lift their paw to greet.

    1. I've found a second tooth now, too!

      I love that idea for shake, I might try to teach her that too! Right now she just knows "paw", and only with her left paw. I can't get her to lift the right one!