Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Starting Intermediate!

We had our first intermediate class tonight. She already knows some of the intermediate stuff, but this will be good to make sure she gets them all down pat. The main thing we need to work on right now is distractions!

Some days she's fine, she'll see another dog barking at her, wanting her attention, and she'll still mind me. Other days it's like I'm not even there, and I could put a piece of hot dog in front of her mouth and she doesn't even notice! Crazy pup.

She did good in class, though. We've worked on heel at home a little, but we did more training on that in class today. We also did "down stay" with distance, where she lays down and stays while I walk off. She did VERY well with this, I walked about half way across the store, and around a corner, with her off leash and laying by herself, and she stayed! We did it several times, and she obeyed every single time. So proud of her!

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  1. That loosing her brain, you not in the picture...welcome to adolscence! Olathea does the same thing, I had to up the treat value. (We are using liverwurst, cheese, sliced roast beef.) Good luck, and keep up the GOOD work!!!